A beautiful blend
of science and nature

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A beautiful blend
of science and nature

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Our Skincare Range

Ageless Serum with Jasmine Essential Oil


Aromatherapy Soap with Lemongrass Essential Oil


Brightening Cream with Rose Essential Oil


Dual-Blend Repairing Serum with Rose Essential Oil


Foaming Deep Cleanser with Lemon Essential Oil


Galvanic Brightening Five Sheet Masks Set


Galvanic Brightening Sheet Mask


Hydrating Toner with Rose Essential Oil


Lemon Duo Gift Set


Rose Trio Gift Set


Vitamin C Serum with Lemon Essential Oil


A considered and powerful blend of essential oils, botanical and active ingredients combined by science to deliver power in a bottle.

We know you want to be confident in your own skin, which is why we blend premium essential oils, New Zealand botanical ingredients and enrich with skin loving nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins in our scientific formulations to deliver visible skincare results. Our result is considered skincare encompassing all five senses from New Zealand to you.

Lemon & Beaker

"On balance, the beautiful texture, smooth application, Lemon & Beaker efficacy and roster of supporting ingredients won us over"

"Each Lemon & Beaker serum has been formulated with its own hero essential oil, offering an aromatic experience while targeting specific skin concerns with their unique formulas."

"I was excited with Lemon & Beaker not only it is natural, but because it was also cruelty-free, vegan and packaged in glass which means recyclable!"

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