Lemon & Beaker Our Story


Our story

We are led by Hannah who was fascinated with the power of nature and how essential oils, blended with vitamin and antioxidant-rich botanical ingredients, deliver visible skincare results. Our name comes from the two items founder Hannah had on her desk when she started to bring her skincare brand to life – a ‘lemon’ and a ‘beaker’, nature and science working and existing together. And so came the foundation upon which Lemon & Beaker was built.
Essential oils have been part of our story from the very beginning and this is why we work with a qualified aromatherapist for all our formulations. We know how the power of essential oils and botanical ingredients, combined with science can enhance natural beauty and deliver skincare results. We believe that skincare is not simply about the products you put on your skin. It is an experience – one that encompasses all five senses, which is why we pay particular attention to all aspects of our products from fragrance, texture and packaging.

Our quest for premium and researched skincare is ongoing – from our highly considered essential oils and powerful ingredients, to thoughtful packaging – all combing to deliver power in a bottle that creates an experience encompassing sight, sound, smell, taste and touch, while delivering visible skincare results.
Our premium ingredients and best scientific practices in treating skin, has us pushing the boundaries of where considered skincare can go. This has seen superior essential oils and powerful actives such as Vitamin A and Vitamin C (essential for protecting and restoring skin), feature in Lemon & Beaker formulations.
We were proud to receive ‘Best Serum’ at the Best of Natural New Zealand Awards for our Dual-Blend Repairing Serum with Rose Essential Oil.

Our products

Lemon & Beaker have worked for many years to develop a skincare range that incorporates science with the highest quality essential oils to deliver skincare that is beautiful, considered and encompasses the five senses when you use it.
Believing in the benefits of aromatherapy as part of a skincare regime, Lemon & Beaker work closely with a qualified aromatherapist who holds an international licence.
Everything from our packaging to the names of our products is based on the essential oils we have carefully chosen to feature in our unique formulations.

Our commitment

At Lemon & Beaker we are committed to producing natural and premium skincare products, combining our ingredients with the latest and safest scientific practices. All our beautiful fragrances and the vivid colours in our formulations are naturally derived from nature.

We are committed to our principles of environmental protection, doing our part to reduce our impact and care for the places we call home. Because of this, you will find all our products in eco-friendly glassware, with minimal packaging, and we highly encourage recycling.

Our research in the area of packaging is also ongoing and we are always evolving so we can find better, more sustainable ways to deliver our products to you. We also endeavour to reduce our carbon footprint in every way.

All our products and ingredients are cruelty-free and vegan friendly and we are registered with PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). We are uncompromising in our testing process, never testing on animals, instead using willing volunteers.