Our Story





Our story

“Lemon” and “Beaker” – that’s what founder Hannah had on her desk when she started to bring her dream to life.

Along with co-founder Grant Bai they aspired to develop a natural skincare brand using powerful botanical ingredients for beauty inside and out.

From an early age, Hannah was always fascinated with the beauty of nature, and wondered how natural ingredients could enhance our natural beauty. Her passion lead her to study chemistry and psychology at University of Auckland, where she was inspired to create premium skincare products using New Zealand’s premium ingredients. 

Driven to experience the beauty industry firsthand, Hannah began her career with a multinational skincare brand. During those years, she promised that she wouldn’t just develop products that provide natural goodness for the skin, but also build a meaningful and ethical brand which supports the environment, animals and charity.

Hannah’s skills and knowledge in chemistry, product development and marketing, complemented by Grant's extensive experience in the industry, being a pharmacist by profession, have built a strong foundation for the Lemon & Beaker brand. 

Our products

Today, Lemon & Beaker offers a range of premium, crafted formulas that combine essential oils and natural ingredients that cleanse, soothe and restore the skin.

Each product has been designed with careful research, sourcing, testing and production to provide luxurious and nourishing skincare solutions.

Our commitment

Lemon & Beaker is relentless in our pursuit of perfection. We use superior essential oils and botanical ingredients in our skincare formulas, which gives our products a rich and natural aroma, colour and texture.

 Our entire skincare range is developed in Auckland and produced in New Zealand. All our ingredients are sourced from this beautiful land we call ‘home’.

Lemon & Beaker is committed to making natural skincare products, using real ingredients from fruits, plants and botanicals. We do not use artificial ingredients such as sulphates, parabens, perfume and colouring. All fragrances and colours are naturally derived.

And while we love the benefits of nature, we also love and care for nature itself. All our products are cruelty-free and vegan. We do not test on animals. Our beautiful bottles are made from eco-friendly glassware with minimal plastic packaging, and we highly encourage recycling.

For best results from natural skincare, choose a beautiful blend of science and nature.