Amino Acids

The science-certified gatekeepers of beauty

Amino Acids are the gentle yet highly effective skincare allies featured in our Foaming Deep Cleanser and Eye Serum. These essential building blocks play a crucial role in preserving your skin's natural moisture and lipid barrier, ensuring a gentle yet thorough cleansing process.

What sets these actives  apart is their unique ability to maintain your skin's hydration while removing impurities, preventing excessive moisture loss and keeping your skin plump and hydrated.

Additionally, these powerful active ingredients exhibit sebum-regulating properties, which contribute to a fresh and clean appearance.

In Lemon & Beaker's Foaming Deep Cleanser, Amino Acids ensure that you achieve a deep, effective cleanse without stripping your skin of its essential moisture, making it suitable for all skin types.

In our Eye Serum, these ingredients play a role in delivering a gentle yet refreshing application for your delicate eye area, optimising comfort for this sensitive part of your skin.

Foaming Deep Cleanser Lemon & Beaker
Foaming Deep Cleanser Lemon & Beaker
Foaming Deep Cleanser