All research points to peptides

Biomimetic Peptides are the beautifying heroes of our Ageless Serum, Brightening Cream, and Eye Serum. These tiny powerhouses stimulate collagen synthesis, enhance your skin’s elasticity and intensify hydration.

Furthermore, they offer protection against oxidative damage, resulting in a smoother, firmer, and more radiant complexion.

These short chains of amino acids are the building blocks of proteins that act as messengers between your skin cells to perform specific functions. When it comes to stimulating collagen, they instruct your cells to produce more, in turn improving your skin's elasticity and making it more resilient against the signs of ageing. 

Moreover, peptides are an intensifying skin hydrator. They work by attracting moisture to the skin's surface and prevent water loss by locking in hydration. This is especially beneficial in maintaining skin suppleness and preventing dryness.

Peptides also offer protection against free radicals and environmental stressors, leading to a noticeable improvement in the texture and youthfulness of your complexion.

Brightening Cream Lemon & Beaker
Brightening Cream Lemon & Beaker
Brightening Cream
Ageless Serum Lemon & Beaker
Ageless Serum Lemon & Beaker
Ageless Serum