Even skin tone. With even more proof.

Lemon & Beaker’s Brightening Cream is enriched with 4-Butylresorcinol, a scientifically proven ingredient that reduces the visibility of skin spots and dyschromia.

The outcome is a more even skin tone, significantly reduced blemishes with an 87% increase of respondents in our clinical trials reporting a more uniform skin tone and 90% experiencing brighter skin after an 8-week period.

Brighter, lighter, and more even skin tone, delivered by active ingredients that pass our rigorous beauty tests. Combined with our Timeless Elixir CoQ10 moisturising powerhouse with the incredible Niacinamide, which works to control blemishes caused by inflammation and excess oil production in the skin.

True blemish-free beauty unleashed.

Dual-blend Repairing Serum
Dual-blend Repairing Serum
Dual-blend Repairing Serum